Welcome to INDEVOURS

Thank you for visiting our INDEVOURS website! We are very excited to be launching this new endeavour.

INDEVOURS is a group of thirty-two diverse university students heading to seven different countries in search of ways to make a positive difference in the realities of international development. As a requirement for our International Development degree we will be completing an eight month international field placement . We want to shape the world by creating lasting, meaningful change in the fields of environment and development; we strive to empower and increase the capacities of others by building resilience, equality, freedom, and opportunities.

To help make this mission a reality  INDEVOURS  is fundraising the costs of our placements. Our goal is to raise $60,000 by September 2012. We will work for change.

Under the Meet INDEVOURS tab, you will find information on the seven placement countries, the students that are going to those countries, and links to their personal blogs.

INDEVOURS will be using this website to promote our fundraising events and to share our experiences leading up to and during our placements. You can also follow us on twitter (@indevours) and Facebook (indevours). Our YouTube channel will be launched soon!

We hope you stay tuned for more INDEVOURS updates.

Peace and Love,


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