This post is written by Guest INDEVOUR blogger Alyssa Hurst from A Journal to Share.

Have you ever travelled internationally or been to a friend’s home and seen on display a beautifully hand-crafted artisan craft? Perhaps you observed a carved mask, a painted eggs or stones or hand woven blanket? Now you don’t have to travel very far to see or buy these products. They are available for purchase in Canada for your own convenience. Nharo is one of the suppliers that makes these hand crafted products available here in Canada.

Nharo is the importer and seller of various Fair-Trade African artisan products. The name of the organization ‘Nharo’ originates from a group of Kalahari Bushmen from rural Botswana called the Nharo San. Nharo’s mission is to share with North America the crafts that are representative of tribal cultures across Africa. To make this possible a retail store is located in Toronto, Canada and wholesale opportunities are available. Nharo is proud to sell products across Canada, the United States and other countries worldwide.

INDEVOURS is proud to use Nharo products as a field placement fundraising initiative. We have been selling Nharo products at our events since early 2012. The current products we are showcasing are unrefined shea butter from Burkina Faso, Himba recycled water-pipe bracelets from Namibia, soapstone Tonga Necklaces and Organic Fair-Trade Rooibos Tea.

Find out more about Nharo and check out everything Nharo has to offer on their website: www.nharo.com


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