Locally Grown

Check out the great work our very own Lexi Salt is doing in our local community!

Making Waves

Originally posted on the UWaterloo Life Blog, Student Success Office

Thursday, May 22 was a very important day for me, for St. Paul’s University College, and I would argue, for the entire university. On this day, the St. Paul’s Community Garden officially opened!

ribbon cutting ceremony ribbon cutting ceremony

My name is Lexi Salt and I founded the St. Paul’s Community Garden. I am a 4A International Development student and an active member of the St. Paul’s community.  I am also a member of St. Paul’s GreenHouse, which is the University of Waterloo’s social innovation hub where this idea grew, and the Campus Coordinator for the Ontario Campus Food Systems Project, which is a Meal Exchange initiative that strives to build more local and sustainable food systems on campus.

Encouraging food production opportunities on campus and allowing students to “get their hands dirty” is a very important part of this mission.Chartwells, our food…

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