Seasonality, Made in Mexico

Indev Eats

Investopedia defines seasonality as “A characteristic of a time series in which the data experiences regular and predictable changes which recur every calendar year.”

In the context of food systems, seasonality means that food can only be grown during an area’s growing season according to temperature and water availability. Eating seasonally means that you eat what is grown in your region when it can be grown. For those in Southern Ontario, our growing season is roughly between late April and early October. That growing season leaves seven months of the year barren for traditionally grown crops. If everyone in Southern Ontario only ate seasonally, those seven months would be limited to foods that would last or could be preserved like turnips, potatoes, jam, peaches, and jarred tomatoes. As you well know, that is not how people in Southern Ontario eat.


We have near constant access to food from around…

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