Summer is here, be kind :)

An Open Journal

With the warmer weather here, people start dressing for it. Shorts, tank tops, flip-fops and sunglasses are pretty standard for a summer in southern Ontario. It’s hot out. Wearing more clothes makes you more hot, wearing less clothes makes you less hot. I work at an outdoor pool in the summers, and I hear people say nasty things about the bathing suits or summer clothing worn by people who aren’t relatively fit, young, and “beautiful.” We live in a culture that worships beautiful people. We hate fat people, we hate old people, we hate ugly people. I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy to hear people say things like, “He should put on a shirt, his gut is hanging out,” or “that bathing suit isn’t exactly flattering on her,” or  “they make one pieces for a reason.” …what?!

First of all, that is super mean. Second, people do not exist for…

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