Sun’s out, Guns out (on sunscreen)


I love the sun. If the day is going horrible for me but it’s sunny, it’s a good day regardless. Can’t say I know why, but I’m sure it’s influence from my dad. He also loves the sun, and beaches, and everything summer time (including margaritas & Jimmy Buffet).

Because I love the sun though, I respect the sun. It gives a lot more than you probably would have thought… For instance, the sun kills bacteria, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen content in the blood, and gives you a heck-ton of suggested vitamin D dosages. Some of you are wondering what any of these things even really do for you – simply put they strengthen your immune system.

Most people equate sun exposure with melanoma (a type of skin cancer) which is true in terms of overexposure. But when you are getting safe sun exposure you actually decrease…

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