INDEVOURS Mission, Vision and Values


 (v): to exert oneself to do or affect something

(n): A diverse group of University of Waterloo, International Development students seeking practical experience through field placements to positively affect the world that we live in.


INDEVOURS is a group of students from the University of Waterloo seeking positive change in the world. We aim to raise funds for our fourth year unpaid field placements, along with supporting our partners at home and abroad. We seek to raise awareness and develop long- lasting local and international community partnerships.


As INDEVOURS we will work to create positive and sustainable development for societies, the environment and the economy. We seek to empower and build capacity in others locally and globally by harnessing diversity, innovation and opportunity.

● Education: We gain theoretical and practical experience by learning from and with others, to take action in solving real-life problems.

● Partnership: We value the partners in our own community, at St. Paul’s University College, the University of Waterloo and the placement communities in which we will be working. We value people and their livelihoods.

● Global Citizenship: We understand that our actions have a global impact and we are determined to act to make the world a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable place.

● Integrity:We aim to approach every opportunity and challenge with honesty and a foundation of strong moral principles. We will take responsibility for our actions in a respectful and professional manner.