Formerly known as the Gold Coast until it attained independence from the United Kingdom in 1957, Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan nation to do so from European Colonialism. Ghana was created as a parliamentary democracy at independence in 1957, followed by alternating military and civilian governments. It has a population of approximately 24 million, and along with many other mineral resources, is one of largest cocoa producers in the world. It is also home to Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in the world by surface area. The discovery of major offshore oil reserves in June 2007 has encouraged expectations of a major economic boast.

 Adam Chagani

I’m from Richmond, British Columbia and for my 8-month field placement I will be working with Action For Rural Education in Accra and Twifo Praso, Ghana. I’m excited to learn about community and participatory development in the health, education and governance sectors. Currently I’m interested in public policy making, social entrepreneurship, and governance.

Margaret Banas

I grew up in Brantford Ontario and am a first generation Canadian in my very polish family. My upbringing is apart of why I am so fascinated by different cultures and want to travel the world. Next year I will be working with an organization called A Rocha in Kumasi Ghana. My academic interests center around the environment, native relations, and the power of women. Apart from school I like to cook, do anything outdoors like canoe or camp, and travel.


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