With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, landlocked Nepal has a romantic image. Until it became a republic in May 2008, it has been struggling to overcome a 10 year Maoist insurrection. Nepal has been ruled by monarchs or a ruling family for most of its modern history. Democratic politics was introduced in 1991, but was marked by frequent changes in government. Nepal is a landlocked state located in South Asia, and has a population of approximately 27million. The mountainous North has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on earth, Mount Everest. Nepal has a rich geography, and hence it’s flourishing tourism industry.

Cassondra Dillman

My name is Cassondra Dillman and I grew up outside of a small town in South-Western Ontario (we have a population of 2000 – on a good day).  I am completing a joint honours in International Development and Environment and Resource Studies, with a diploma in Environmental Assessment. In Nepal I will be working with the Federation of Community Forestry Users. Beyond my interests in environmental studies, I enjoy fashion, yoga, reading, travelling and trying new food.

Fatima Naveed

My name is Fatima Naveed and I’m the Creative Project Manager at INDEVOURS. Alongside my major, I am also completing a minor in Geography and Environmental management and, and option in Sustainable Local Economic Development. For my placement, I will be heading to Kathmandu, Nepal to work with the Fair Trade Group Nepal. In my free time, I like to curl up with a good book. Currently, I’m interested in public health and human rights.

Lucy Hinton 

I hail from the thriving metropolis of Strathroy, Ontario, where I steadfastly ignored the cows and corn fields that surrounded me growing up. I have since come to appreciate the value chains of where our food comes from, and my particular interests in international development revolve around sustainable agriculture and food security, as well as resource management. In my spare time I’m involved in gliding, flying and lots and lots of eating.

Nafisa Kassam

Call me naïve, but I’m intent on saving the world. I think there’s still hope and, like my fellow INDEVOURS, I want to play a part in that change. Though my passion has always been helping people, my interests lie specifically in disaster and risk management, conservation of natural resources (particularly water), and community development. This coming September, I am fortunate enough to be working with Integrated Development Society (IDS) Nepal, an NGO located in the capital city of Kathmandu. Having lived all my life in suburbia, I’m excited for the adventures that await me in the upcoming year! More importantly, I really look forward to working with an organization that takes a multi-faceted approach to development, allowing me to gain exposure in the fields of water and sanitation, alternative energy, and community development.

Saida Sheikh

My name is Saida Sheikh. I was born in Somalia and grew up in Kenya. I am interested in refugee issues and the empowerment of women. I have been helping sponsored refugee students at the University of Waterloo through the UW Student Refugee Program  (SRP) for the past two years.  For my field placement I will be traveling to Nepal to work with the Federation of Community Forestry Users. I am also completing a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. Outside of my studies, I enjoy reading about world issues and playing soccer.


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