The nation of Peru is located in South America and is a democratic republic that is governed by a multi-party system. The economy of Peru has undergone many changes throughout its history due to shifts in government. Its economy is dominated by the services and manufacturing sectors and international trade has had one of the fastest economic growth rates in Latin America. Water systems in both urban and rural areas still require improvements however those living in rural areas have the least access to clean water at this time. One of the major issues the country continues to be faced with is the threat of infectious diseases that are most commonly transmitted through water sources.

Dan Root

I’m a Mennonite from southwestern Pennsylvania studying International Development and Philosophy.  I’m especially interesting in environmental, human rights, food security and global governance issues.  In September, I’ll be working with an organization called GEA in Huancayo, Peru on a community based eco-tourism project.  I enjoy reading, making music, camping, and traveling.

Emily Sandrelli





Keith Mai

I am a city boy from Markham with a taste for exceptional ideas and good adventure. Not sure about where I am going for my 8 month field placement yet but I do hope to have a great time in Peru wherever I’m going. In the future, I aim to become an entrepreneur that can bring about ideas into reality.

I am passionate about building vibrant sustainable communities. As an International Development student, some of my research interests include migration, climate change, arts and culture, politics, and language. My experiences living all over North America, in Mennonite communities, the mountains of West Virgina, and even a youth hostel in Québec, have left me with a sense of wonder and curiosity about human cultures and the world that we live in.  I am looking forward to traveling to Lima, Peru for my internship at the Centre for Black Peruvian Women’s Development, where I hope to begin a career in urban community development. Or folk music.

Manuel Abreu

Originally from Wolfville, a small town in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, I have been exploring the world and the magnificent outdoors from a young age. Some of my passions involve travelling, hiking, photography & film, and indulging in international cuisine. This coming September, I will be departing from Canada to work with the Centre for Research and Development of the High Jungle (CEDISA) in Tarapoto, Perú. My current areas of interest in development and the environment include: public policy, international trade & governance, sustainable agriculture, and agribusiness.


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